Passport to Prizes

Cash Prizes

Grand Prize: $500
Second Prize: $250
Third Prize: $100

FBNC13 Passport with money
How to play:
1. Pick up your passport on-site.
2. Visit the participating booths.
3. Drop your completed passport at the Skin Inc. and Face & Body Booth #226.

Three winners will be announced at 3:30 pm on Monday, August 25, 2014. Winners need not be present.

Participating Exhibitors:

Passport to Prizes Sponsors

Come for a free consultation on our exclusive next generation 100% natural skin peeling treatment using Libinvest’s advanced 2B Bio Beauty peeling agent. Dramatically reduce unsightly wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, sun damage and age-lines with one of the most effective and safest resurfacing treatments. A pain-free alternative to unnatural chemical peels that can cause pigmentation or carry risks of potential scarring. No Acid, No Chemicals, 100% Natural.

Amber Products is focused on providing all the tools needed to give clients the most professional, inspired experience in the industry. For 40 years, this focus has allowed Amber Products to grow along with our customers. We are creating new ways to make your spa or salon more dynamic with efficient, results oriented treatments, newly designed equipment and products that work synergistically in your treatment room.

CASMARA offers unique facial and body solutions with innovative compositions, exclusive ingredients and exquisite textures. Treatments are adapted to each individual for each stage of life. CASMARA was the first to introduce the mono-dose system – an exclusive method of application that offers the ideal amount of product for each treatment aimed at a particular skin type. This hygienic system guarantees an efficient application every time, leaving skin visibly healthier and more radiant.

HTY Gold miraculously rejuvenates aged skin to its youthful appearance. HTY Gold's patented all-natural creamed formulation of palm oil, lipids and rejuvenating nutrients replenish, nourish and prevent the onset of dry, wrinkled, crepe-paper skin. Our creamed oil has no man-made chemicals, preservatives, parabens or emulsifiers and restores the precious oils your body has lost over time while providing powerful antioxidant protection.

Jindilli is a family-owned Australian company with a range of macadamia oil based skincare products that naturally transform the skin of women 50+. With backbar treatments for face and body plus a beautifully presented home care range, Jindilli help spas to service an often neglected, and yet profitable client segment. The macadamia oil is created from nuts grown on the Jindilli farms in Australia.

KAI is Hawaiian for the sea, KAIDERMA means sea and skin which defines the company's focus on marine based skin therapies. Their product formulations are centered upon the powerful therapeutic properties of unique marine active ingredients and select botanical oils. Each formulation is based on scientific research using ingredients which are natural and sustainably harvested. Combining the best of science with the power of the sea yields products which will naturally repair, protect and beautify your skin while combating skin aging.

While researching cures for diabetes and Parkinson's Disease, a team of biotech scientists discovered a powerful compound for regenerating skin cells. This discovery has created a new era in anti aging skin care products. With Lifeline stem cell skin creams, we can rejuvenate your skin by actually helping to build new skin cells.

Osmosis focuses on reducing inflammation and rebalancing. This is achieved through a series of revolutionary ingredients and technologies delivered by our patented liposomal delivery.  Their products restore the immune system allowing the skin to increase its nutrition, improve scar remodeling, repair DNA, replenish growth factors, re-establish the protective barrier, restore antioxidant levels and activate collagen and elastin. For total wellness, use Harmonized Water for cellular balance and Elevate ATP for weight loss. Enhance your beauty daily with Colour Mineral Makeup.

PCA SKIN is a trusted industry leader in the development of gentle, yet highly effective professional treatments and daily care products for over two decades. With a team dedicated to serving others, their vision is to improve people’s lives; they do so on a daily basis by partnering with physicians and clinicians to provide a proven process combining aesthetics and science for healthy, beautiful skin. They set the bar high when it comes to innovative skin care, being acknowledged in prominent medical textbooks as the originator of advanced blended chemical peel formulations.

Based on a science as unique as a person’s biological makeup, Viktoria De’Ann’s Pepti-Series targets individual skin-care needs at the cellular level. Their pharmaceutical grade ingredients utilize natural peptides in ways that yield nearly immediate, visible results. Treatments are customizable, providing clients with the attention they deserve to achieve the timeless beauty they’ve been searching for. Viktoria De’Ann’s Pepti-Series provides the most advanced anti-aging formula available on the market today. Live Demos at Booth 6522. The results speak for themselves.